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Salesforce is the topmost CRM service platform in the world and is continuously evolving. It has not limited itself only to CRM but also successfully ventured into the realm of marketing automation. Salesforce had introduced Artificial Intelligence at its core with the main purpose of delivering advanced AI capabilities to sales and marketing services. This in turn, lets you code for building various AI-powered apps which continue to grow smarter with every new interaction.

What is Salesforce Einstein?

Salesforce Einstein is the AI-enabled product of Salesforce which has brought AI to all customer relationships making use of the CRM data, email, calendar, social, etc. Based on the data which is collected, it gives various predictions and recommendations thereby empowering the Sales Rep to make smarter decisions and be able to focus on customers. It actually makes use of the advantages of the best practices which are already present in the industry especially the one done on consumer side like machine learning from Facebook, natural language processing from Apple, predictive recommendations from Amazon etc.

Why was it introduced?

Salesforce had introduced Einstein in 2016 for three main reasons:

    • To capture real-time data.
    • To learn from tools like machine learning, deep learning, predictive analysis, NLP etc.
  • To make the data available to a sales rep at a proper time to enable him to approach potential customers with more confidence.

Primary segments targeted by Salesforce

Salesforce makes use of four primary segments to source data for further analysis. These are:

    1. CRM– This basically involves lead, opportunity, contact, custom objects etc.
    1. Calendar-This includes iCal, Google Calendar, Salesforce Calendar etc.
    1. Email: This includes Apple mail, Gmail, Yahoo mail, Salesforce inbox etc.
  1. Social: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc.

Salient Features of Salesforce Einstein

Einstein is a feature-rich platform and has many deployments.

  • Sales Cloud Einstein: It is a smart method for making informed predictions and other suggestions for your products. Sales are usually divided into three levels and most firms usually concentrate only on level one with their sales teams only looking at scripts and they end up designing broad-based campaigns without any personal cues. Even for personalizing these companies only use signals which are given by buyers. But the companies which truly live in tomorrow predict the future. Salesforce Einstein for sales is useful for all the above types-in the first case, it acts as CRM for one-dimensional records, it provides various systems of engagements for the second level of companies and for the final level it is an apt system of predictive intelligence. Latter helps sales teams to build better relationships with their clients and now it is an important part of salesforce Einstein training
  • Service Cloud Einstein: For a wonderful customer service experience, this helps give real-time customer insights. It empowers the managers by giving them real-time data like wait times, availability of agents, level of customer satisfaction etc. In case of management, when the cases are escalated with the help of machine learning, many articles and even informative videos are made available to the dealing agents to save time and effort.
  • Marketing Cloud Einstein: The fundamental aim of all marketing activity is to develop a better understanding of the needs, wants and desires of their existing and potential customers for better designing of all marketing communication and campaign. In the case of marketing, it is used to create predictable market journeys for the delivery of relevant content on the right channel. It generally provides predictive scores based on the engagement of a customer with an email or any purchase via the web. Likewise, it also provides predictive audiences which show common behavior. Marketers have been able to successfully enhance their Return on Investment especially by email marketing by sending the message at a time when it is most likely to be read by the customers.
  • Community Cloud Einstein: This usually gives automated suggestions in terms of groups, needs, relevant experts etc. from various social activities. Members are usually kept fully engaged in the group by the promotion of popular content. It can also create a proper community for every customer and can also make a specific case on service cloud in case the customer needs specific attention. It enumerates the most relevant content under each topic which can help the user. Even the Top Questions are listed in terms of relevance which is gauged from several comments, views and even likes.
  • Analytics Cloud Einstein: This is basically used for finding latent insights on data by tracing patterns generated by service, marketing or even sales actions. All the combinations of variables from huge data are analyzed to derive patterns.
  • Commerce Cloud Einstein: This feature is for those businesses who strive to make shopping more personal and predictive. It provides automation of tasks which is highly effective in saving time, predictive knowledge and other tools which give specific suggestions to all customers who are shopping in your online store. It makes use of all customer interactions to give the best possible deals to them. It thus gives highly sophisticated expertise of AI to handle the huge number of interactions generated from unique customer experiences. 
  • App Cloud Einstein: During the building of any app, intelligence can be aptly embedded. This has enabled the creation of various predictive apps for both employees and customers. AI enabled apps can be quickly built which even have the feature of face recognition. It has helped various businesses to build various AI-powered apps by the convergence of data management, data science, and even modern app development into various sets of platform services. All this help you to build next-generation apps which are backed by AI.


Salesforce has always managed to lead all the CRM service providers of the world in various parameters like innovation, foresight and even growth. The Salesforce Einstein can actually conduct thousands of statistical checks for confirmation of the validity of each trend and give intelligent reasons for all the identified patterns. It can derive speedy sales with the help identification of all new contacts and thus prioritizing new leads. In the situation of escalated cases, the needed information is surfaced to save both time and efforts of the agent. It also makes an intelligent analysis of shopping carts to find out about the products which can actually be brought together. Thus, it is very effective in increasing the ROI of email marketing. It basically becomes smarter with every next interaction and every new piece of data.

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