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Social Media Marketing: Can you Trademark a Hashtag?

Can you Trademark a Hashtag? Relation between Social Media and a Hashtag The word or phrase Hashtag is preceded by a hash sign (#) highly used on social media websites and applications to identify messages on a specific topic. Mainly Continue Reading

Restructuring Corporate Offenses: Government Appointed Panel Suggests in-house adjudication system

Special Courts and their Plight Special Courts are up to their necks deep in corporate fraud cases with serious offenses. In this mess of serious offenses, many routine procedural errors and lapses are piling onto the pending cases and cluttering Continue Reading

Selective Distribution System And Trademark Exhaustion In India

Selective Distribution System It is a system in which a supplier deals to only approve distributors who meet specified minimum criteria, and the distributors themselves agree to deal only those within the approved network. Companies operating in the field of Continue Reading

Be Legal: Startups Guide to avoid Legal Troubles

The Dreamland of Startup The world of startups make for an exciting and attractive work environment, well, almost. Whether it's a new invention/innovation or a revolutionary solution to an existing problem of society, work can get pretty intense at a Continue Reading

Types Of Business Loan | Different Types Of Loan | 6 types of Loan

Types of Loan A business credit is an unbound advance particularly expected for a business reason. As Business requires a sufficient measure of money to subsidize their every day and pay for extension action. A business credit is an obligation Continue Reading

What can you do if Landing Page Experience is below average in Google Ads

Having a lower performing Landing Page or Google Ads (formerly known as AdWords) landing site page is contrite news – not simply will Google be less liable to show your ads, but you are apparently missing out on relevant conversions. Continue Reading