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What Is WordPress? Complete insight on WordPress | KeyBacklink

You would’ve probably listened to about WordPress in recent times. So, what's Word Press? Word Press is the utmost suitable tool for constructing websites. Word Press is efficient of shaping any style of the website, from a transparent blog to Continue Reading

Indian Rupee: No rise, only fall. Is the Central Government doing enough?

Fall from Grace In case no one noticed, Stock markets in India have been painted red with the incessant bleeding of the Indian Rupee. Latest figures show the Rupee plummeting to new lows every hour with the latest being at Continue Reading

Crackdown of Shell Firms: The Only Short-Term Positive Impact of Demonetization

The Only Short-Term Positive Impact of Demonetization: On 8 November 2016, the Prime Minister unexpectedly scrapped Rs. 500 and Rs. 1,000 notes – accounting for 86% of cash, to what he tagged as the step to scrap-out black money and Continue Reading

5 Things that should be kept in mind before investing in mutual funds

Of course, the Stock market’s high and down can be a frustrating moment for new investors but it does not mean that we should take it as a gambling. If we invest without proper knowledge and advice in Equity mutual funds or Continue Reading