How to Increase Your Business With Search Engine Optimization?


What is Search engine optimization and how it can increase Google search result for my business name? If you own, manage or monetize a website, you must be familiar with SEO and Google.

SEO (Search engine optimization) is a process through which webmasters, SEO ninjas, and SEO specialists make changes to the website so that it has a better chance of ranking higher in the search results of Google, Yahoo!, and Bing. Websites, which rank on top are the direct/indirect results of search engine promotion services.

Here is a step-by-step guide to increasing Google search results for Free. Google also provides a detailed information list ( on how to improve keywords ranking.

Google says you should optimize your website for the visitor to the website and one of the visitors is the Google search engine. Google search engine, as a visitor, is the most important visitor as it helps others find your website in the SERPs.

The most important and the initiation points for any SEO campaign is to make the website appear in Google SERP. Usually Google crawlers will crawl your website and index it if it is linked on a website. However, if you want to increase the chance of early indexing by Google, you can submit your website to Google so that Googlebot crawls your website and indexed it properly.

The next step is to optimize the website in terms of:

–       Contents (texts/images/videos etc)

–       The Meta information meant for Crawlers and Indexers to properly assess pages

–       Internal linking among the pages

–       Outbound links (linking to high authority 3rd party websites)

–       Optimized Sitemap (webpage as well as XML format) for site-wide indexing

An SEO specialist will know how to increase SEO rankings and get your website to the top of the Google search using an effective search engine optimization campaign.

If you are looking to improve Google rankings for a WordPress CMS based website  start by having a clean permalink together with plugins such as Yoast SEO to manage SEO for individual pages.

After from regular SEO activities, we should also focus our efforts on securing social signals.

Now, what are social signals? Social signals refer to the shares, likes and other sharing quality of a webpage for the purpose of search engines evaluation. Social signals are one of the important factors for search result ranking and thus it should be given importance while working on how to improve keywords ranking.

With social signals, the social networking platforms have become much more than just a networking or socializing medium. It has become a powerful medium for generating huge social signals for your business website through SEO improvements.

Using social media optimization services in Delhi, you can increase the reach of your published contents and thus it’s social signals.

With increased SEO rankings, more and more customers, searching for your products/services, will find you in the search results. It has been seen that a company with an active SEO campaign has 4x more chances of generating leads and grows almost 2x times faster than the company which does have an SEO campaign running.

Thus with an effective SEO campaign, you can increase Google search rankings to dominate your local market and increase your business.

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